IFP Design

Our team brings an advanced skillset and many years of practical experience in the improvement and modernisation of terminal airspace and aircraft arrival and departure procedures. We have worked within some of the world’s busiest terminal airspace and most complex route networks.

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Our airspace and IFP expertise includes the introduction and optimisation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures for safety, capacity, flight efficiency and environmental benefits including methods of mitigating the negative effects of noise concentration.

IFP Maintenance

All published IFP’s are required to be reviewed as a minimum, every five years.

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5-year maintenance reviews involve assessment of published IFPs against

  • The effects of magnetic variation;
  • The latest PANS-OPS criteria detailed in ICAO DOC 8168;
  • Changes to airspace structures and/or the local obstacle environment.

IFP Safeguarding

IFP surfaces are extremely complex and can extend for many miles from the airport and well beyond the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) surfaces as detailed within CS-ADR-DSN.

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We provide a bespoke IFP safeguarding service tailored to your aerodrome through the provision of:

  • Individual IFP assessments of proposed developments or temporary obstacles or framework agreements to cater for a year-round IFP safeguarding service;
  • Provision of Coloured Square Maps in accordance with CAP 738;
  • Provision of software to enable aerodrome operators to understand if proposed obstacles/applications could affect their IFPs;
  • Annual assessments of aerodrome surveys against the IFPs.

Our IFP safeguarding covers both conventional and PBN Instrument Flight Procedures

IFP Validation

Ground / flight validation of new or revised instrument flight procedures ensure the procedures are operationally acceptable for safety, flyability and design accuracy.

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Ground / flight validation of new or revised instrument flight procedures services include:

  • Development of an IFP validation plan;
  • Arranging FMS build(s) for formal ARINC424 coding of procedures;
  • Scheduling of flight or ground validation activity on multiple aircraft types;
  • Attendance of flight validation activity and recording of evidence;
  • Creation of IFP validation reports.